original handcrafted acrylic painting - impressionist style in shades of blue & green
Convergence- Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 36"

Convergence- Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 36"

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Convergence - "Everything you’ve done up till now has prepared you for this moment. This is a season of convergence.”

 I heard these words as I worked on this impressionistic ocean painting. In fact, it didn’t even make sense until I turned the painting upside down and saw the waves coming together. Until that moment, I thought I was painting a picture mostly of a sky.  

This original piece was also painted on top of several other paintings that had run their courses. The final piece has a texture from layers of previous seasons. This adds to the beauty - just like in our lives.

Our past stories add to our beauty and converge now for something totally new.  The shades of blues and greens are applied with a thick texture with a palette knife. 

size: 36 x 24 inches